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Soft Claws Testimonials / Customer reviews

What People are saying about Soft claws
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"These have been a godsend!" - renzcottage

Just wanted to say that these have been a godsend! I really wish you had made more on your description about the 'health benefits' as I almost didn't buy them thinking they wouldn't work. I am strongly opposed to anyone putting these on their cat because the cat's natural behaviour is an irritant, either because they can't be bothered to train them, or they don't spend enough time with their cat. But my cat has had an injury for months. Every time it healed, I took the collar off, the fur grew back, it got itchy, so she'd scratch it until it bled. These have broken the cycle completely and after months the veterinary collar's gone in the bin.

Please tell people how good these can be for the cat's own benefit, rather than pandering to the minority's vanity- that probably shouldn't have pets at all! Poor cat does look ridiculous, mind...

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"This superb product has completely transformed Peaches life !" - Mrs Jones, near Marlow Bucks

We have a self mutilating cat called Peaches.  For years we tried everything we could to help her - conventional medicine, homeopathic medicine, jumpers with the sleeves cut off, collars covered in gauze.  You name it we've tried it, but nothing seemed to work until I discovered Softclaws on the internet.  This superb product has completely transformed Peaches life !

We trimmed her claws and stuck pink softclaws on to her back claws.  She is now able to scratch without hurting herself.  For years she has ripped herself to pieces with constant scratching but now she has softclaws she can scratch without causing any damage.  This has also had a very positive knock on effect on her general well being, she is a much happier cat and she has even started to play again.  Before, when her scratching was bad, she would not play, talk, and would often shiver, wet the bed and hide.  Now she is a very happy cat, who talks, plays and generally wants you to cuddle her.  We have been using softclaws for 9 months and the difference is incredible.  I wish we had discovered them sooner !

I don't usually sing the praises of products, but Softclaws has made such a difference, I've told everyone I know (including our Vets).  Very easy to use and it's saved us a fortune in Vets bills !

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"They really are a hit!" - Lydia, Jordan & cash the kitten!

They really are a hit! We put them on when he was fast asleep and he didn't even realise he was wearing them when he woke up! Absolutely fantastic! I have recommended them to all of my friends and family and am going to continue using them for certain! I thought I was going to be ripped to shreds for the next 18 years! You are more than welcome to add him to your site and put him forward for cat of the month! I think he'd like that very much! He spends more time sitting on my laptop than I do & up until we put the soft paws on, he took great pleasure in picking at the keys! Again, thank you VERY much!

We love them!

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"They were all walking around with pretty pink toes!" - Debora-Maria Vila

Debora Vila with TilyI have 5 cats of my own and I work with cats, I am a professional cat groomer, cat sitter and I have a Cat hotel in Surrey 'Cat Care at home'. I trained as a vet nurse some 12 years ago and then left to run my own business with cats, the loves of my life! I am the first cat clothes designer in the world and have an online shop selling clothes, toys beds and diamante collars for cats, I just adore cats! I occasionally have problems with my pack of cats at home fighting etc and so I thought Id try soft paws so they would not scratch each other! I bought a pack in bright pink as I love pink and went about applying them to my cats front claws, it was much easier than I imagined, i sat down, opened the pack and put the glue in the little nails caps and then with my first cat inbetween my legs I pushed each one onto each claw, they didnt mind at all. After they were applied, I thought they will bite them off or run around wild with anger with them on, but no, they did wonder what they had on their pawsies and had a chew at them but within an hour, they were all walking round with pretty pink toes! 2 weeks on, they are all still on each nail and all of them seem fine, in fact it seems to have even calmed them all down from fighting too, they dont bite at them at all and they all seem quite happy, I was worried as to whether they could jump up etc but they are all climbing and jumping with no hesitation at all and I have not encountered any problems whatsoever with them having them on, (they are all indoor cats by the way). I think they are a good thing especially if you have leather sofas etc and any rattan furniture!!! And... they look so hip with pink toes! they match their pink hoodies I designed!

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"I guess this sounds like "another" thank you" - Crystal Hames

Dog and Soft Paws

I just wanted to say thank you. I guess this sounds like "another" thank you, but this really is a fantastic product!

I really wish I had known about this before I gave away my cat. I'd never do it again and I still miss her, but it was my only alternative at the time. I feel awful about it.

Now, having leather furniture and a scratchy Terrier, something else had to be done and WOW when the leather repairman came and repaired the sofa he suggested and handed me a flyer; said this is all I'll ever need, was he right! Please don't raise your prices! That's another plus that makes it affordable for everyone, not just those celebrities! Thanks, and I'll be ordering again and I will be spreading the word of what an fantastic product this is!

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"Soft Claws could prevent many cats from being re-homed" - Jenny Ahearne (

cat and vetsIm a Veterinary Nurse with many animals. After having a baby priorities change and whilst I do love my animals my baby always comes first.

One of my cats Suki has been unpredictable and has swiped him a few times - she recently scratched him near his eye. Of course I considered re-homing her but I am very attached to her. I have put soft claws on her now and it seems to be a good solution so far. She doesn't seem bothered at all by them and lthough she could still bite at least I know she cannot injure my baby by swiping.

She was also the one out of 4 of my cats who was destructive and has ruined several pairs of curtains / sofas / trousers etc. This has also stopped with Soft Claws - so so far so good - I would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. I believe the use of soft claws could prevent many cats from being re-homed and I wish more people were aware of them.

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"Soft Paws have helped to protect his skin" - Emma (

I am writing from Poochy Paws, in Cornwall. We have a kitty named Garfield; he is a three year old polydactyl. He has a disorder known only as self mutilating behavior. He has no skin disease, no fungus or parasites, no earmites,and no viruses which can be tested.  Also our Dog seems to be fine, its just Garfield. The Soft Paws have helped to protect his skin. Garfield has his beautiful pink paws; only real men can wear pink, you know! He looks so flippin' cute. He is still able to rub the fur off around his neck and face, but at least now he cannot break the skin, and that is a big, big help. I bet you never figured Soft Paws for this use. We can't thank you enough.  By the Way we loved them so much we decided to sell them on our website!

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"We are so happy with Soft Claws!!" - Melinda B

We are so happy with soft claws!! We just moved into a new flat with real hard wood floors, which are gorgeous. Although, my dog, Fidgy, was scratching the floor whilst running about in our flat. Fidgy was even scratching our leather sofa sometimes as well.... :-( A friend of mine told me about soft claws so I looked on the internet and found your website! We ordered "pink" so that Fidgy could really show her femininity!! Fidgy no longer scratches the floor or the sofa which makes us very happy indeed. We have also noticed that Fidgy is able to get more grip, so she's no longer sliding across our floor. I've also found that they seem to last anywhere between 1-2 months before having to be replaced, which is great. They are very easy to put on and well worth buying if you'd like to save your floors and/or your leather sofa. Thank you soft claw!!! :-) :-) :-)

The package came in the mail really fast and we don't have any more problems with scratching the wood floor. I was very happy to see this and would recommend all dog owners with wooden floor to get them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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"Soft Claws has allowed me and my cat to live happily together" - Dr Christianne Schelling (DVM)

I have been using Soft Claws since 1999 with great success.  They are an excellent solution to cat scratching problems.  This simple yet ingenious product is highly effective at preventing damage to property and people from cat scratches.  Soft Claws is an excellent alternative to declawing.  The nail caps are completely safe, non-toxic and extremely well tolerated by cats.  They are simple to apply, ensuring excellent client compliance.  Cat owners are often ecstatic to learn about this product and are grateful that their veterinarian provided them with this effective solution. Soft Claws are also an effective therapeutic agent against self trauma caused by cats with pruritic (itchy) skin conditions.  Application of the nail caps to hind claws effectively blunts the nail so the cat causes little damage to himself while scratching.  This allows the tissue to heal faster and often eliminates the need for an e-collar.  Cat owners absolutely love Soft Claws.  One of the most common praises I hear is “Soft Claws has allowed me and my cat to live happily together and both have what we want.” Plus, many people love the colors and showing their accessorized cat off to their friends. 

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"Extremely easy to apply and the cats appears not to be bothered" - Linda Swain

Soft Claws - Linda and Baby

Soft Claws are extremely easy to apply and the cats appear not to be bothered by the plastic tips at all. 

From the moment they were applied they did not try and bite them or scratch with them. They have been wearing them for over 15 weeks! Araina has lost 3 and Oscar still has all 10!

The cat tray liner is no  longer shredded and so the cat tray is much easier to clean. The cats still scratch on the scratching post, stair carpet and sofas but no longer do any damage. (All sofas have already been snagged by the cats and some patches of carpet are worn.)

My arms are no longer scratched by the cats kneading me when they are stroked. Though both the cats are good with children there is now no danger of accidental scratches when playing. All in all I've been delighted with the product and would highly recommend it to the indoor cat owner.

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