What Are Soft Claws?

Everything You Need To Know About Soft Claws

Soft Claws provide a quick and easy way to give you total protection from the negative aspects of cat-scratching.  After trimming each claw, you slide a vinyl cap over the claw which is then glued in place using a non-toxic adhesive.

Soft Claws are NOT permanent fixtures.  Each cap will in fact fall off as and when the cat’s claw re-grows – typically in 4 to 6 weeks.  A new nail cap can then be applied in the usual way.

It’s also worth noting that Soft Claws do not interfere with your cat’s natural behaviour.  Their claws can still be extended and retracted without any discomfort or distress.


The Solution to Your Pets’ Scratching Problems

  • Our nail caps fit comfortably on top of your pet’s claws

  • Available in a variety of colours and sizes

  • Easy application

  • Safeguards family from scratches

  • Protects furniture against damage

  • Protects your pet’s face from scratching itches caused by infections


I first discovered these when I was looking for a scratching solution for my cat, China. She ruined all the furniture in the house and I searched everywhere for something that would help. I found the perfect solution in Soft Claws and China took to them straight away. She stopped damaging the furniture, stopped injuring family members and so I decided to make them available for all pet owners in the UK.

Peter To

The Complete Anti-Scratch Pack!

Soft Claws are your simple all-in-one answer to damaging cat-scratching.  The soft, vinyl nail caps are available in ready-to-use packs with easy-to-follow instructions.

Each pack contains 40 nail caps, 6 applicator tips and adhesive.  Soft Claws come in four sizes to fit every size of cat – from kittens right up to large cats weighing 14lbs or more.  They are also available in a choice of colours and finishes.


Why Choose Soft Claws?


Over 50 million Soft Claws Nail Caps have been sold world-wide.  The reasons for their popularity are very clear: the soft, vinyl nail caps prevent cats from scratching their owners’ home furnishings, family and friends.  They’re also kind for your cat – in so many ways. For pet-owners who have issues with cat-scratching, the solution to your problem is right here… with Soft Claws!


The idea behind Soft Claws was developed by an American vet who saw at first-hand the damage cats could do to themselves with vigorous scratching.  Typically, this occurred after operations and when cats had a skin disease.

Applying soft, vinyl nail caps – quickly, painlessly and without surgical intervention – was an obvious alternative to the inhumane process of de-clawing.  Soft Claws are now widely used and prescribed by vets everywhere – which is surely the best endorsement there could be for what is a truly effective product.


A major bonus of Soft Claws Nail Caps is how cat-friendly they are.  The soft, vinyl caps slip easily onto your pet’s claws – no pain, no fuss.  It’s all so easy, your cat won’t even know they’re wearing them!

Even though Soft Claws remove your cat’s scratching capabilities, they won’t affect their normal behaviour – and that includes the natural extension and retraction of their claws.  With blunt claws, your cat cannot ‘self-harm’ if they have a skin complaint – and damage to your home furnishings will be a thing of the past.


Don’t Delay, Get Soft Claws Today

Your Soft Claws nail caps kit includes everything you need to change your life – quickly and easily! The caps themselves are easy to apply with the help of a little non-toxic adhesive.

In just four simple steps, your cat will have its new nail coverings in place! There’s a choice of sizes, and the caps come in a range of colours and finishes – purrfect for the ‘catwalk’ you might say!
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