How can I order Soft Claws?

You may place your order online or call us on 020 7183 5088. We’re happy to take your order or answer any questions you may have about Soft Claws, between the hours of 10-7pm Monday-Friday and 11-3 on Saturday. If you would like to get in touch outside of these hours, please feel free to [...]

What if I select the wrong size?

If you’ve chosen the wrong size for your cat, no problem! We’ll happily refund or exchange your order. Once you receive your kit in the post, please follow these steps to keep your nail cap kit in returnable condition. After carefully opening your nail cap kit, remove one nail cap and fit it on a [...]

Can Soft Claws be used on hind claws?

Yes. Although most people apply Soft Claws only to front paws, they can also be applied to hind claws to help prevent damage to furniture due to jumping and scrabbling. In fact, if you are buying Soft Claws to combat excessive self scratching due to skin conditions or habitual self mutilating behaviours, we recommend that [...]

Do these nail caps really work?

Yes is our answer, but to show you we are not biased in any way, please read our testamonials for yourself. These have not been filtered or altered in any way, and will give you an honest customer opinion of performance. If you are not fully satisfied with the Soft Claws experience, we even offer [...]

I’m sold on Soft Claws. What’s in each kit?

Each kit contains everything needed for at-home application: -40 nail caps and two “bonus” caps for replacement during training -Two tubes of adhesive -Six applicator tips -Easy-to-follow instructions

What are the benefits of giving my cat Soft Claws?

The benefits of giving pets Soft Claws are numerous, but the primary advantage of Soft Claws is that these nail caps help prevent destructive scratching. They prolong the life of owners’ furniture and hardwood floors, as well as help shield sensitive skin from sharp claws. For seniors and young children with sensitive skin, scratching is [...]

Do these nail caps really work?

Yes! This product has passed the test of time. Since their invention in 1991, more than more than 50 million Soft Claws nail caps have been sold!

How do you apply Soft Claws?

Soft Claws are easy to apply. The process takes a few minutes. Simply fill the nail cap with the adhesive provided and slide it on over your cat’s claw. The glue dries very fast. From the owner’s standpoint, a very small investment in time!

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