Yes. In some cases, even though there is no underlying condition, or the original complaint has gone away, self mutilating scratching continues. This can be for a variety of reasons. In some cases, this is a visible sign of stress. Often, it is difficult for an indoor animal to burn this off as they would outdoors, so they take to self mutilation instead. The behaviour is reinforced by all of the attention they get from worried owners whilst engaging in the act. If you wish to combat this through training, resist the urge to “comfort” your animal when they are performing the behaviour, as they will see attention as a reward and continue the undesirable act for longer. Instead, interrupt the behaviour with a loud, sharp noise such as shhhh or no. This usually startles the animal enough that they will look up in surprise. As soon as they stop the behaviour, reward with treats and attention. It may take many months, but with a combination of diligent training and Soft Claw use, you may overcome the scratching.

Remember: If there is the possibility of a health problem, do not rely on Soft Claws as the only cure. Always seek veterinary attention first.