• A beautiful red and black tartan pet collar. Fully adjustable for a perfect fit. Made with extra strong PU leather and covered with a soft cotton fabric. Quality stitching for maximum strength. Perfect for both cats and dogs, and available in 3 adjustable sizes.
  • Product features: • Soft grip shaped handle for comfort and control • Precision cutting blade • Heat treated for strength and durability • Safety stop prevents over cutting • Safety lock for secure storage • Ideal for large dogs The ergonomic handles are shaped to fit your hand and are covered with double bonded, non-slip rubber that won't come off- ever!! Surgical Stainlees Steel cutting blades have a Rockwell Hardness rating of 40. Always seek advise from a experienced groomer or Vet if you do not feel comfortable trimming pets nails for the first time.
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    Product features: • Stainless Steel • Easy Control • Comfortable Grip Handle • Removable bolt for sharpening This scissor-style nail trimmer is easy to use and will be more comfortable for you and your cat. Smaller size manoeuvres easily around tiny paws and the notched design is safer and more precise than straight scissors. The handles are sheathed in soft rubber for a non-slip, comfortable grip. Sharp, precision-made blades ensure a quick, exact cut.
  • Pack contains: • Soft Claws Adhesive two tubes/ pkg. 2 gm /tube. Contains medical grade Cyanoacrylate • Extra Applicator tips x 4 Soft Claws uses safe adhesive to secure the nail caps to the claws. The adhesive contains Cyanoacrylate, a non-toxic, non-irritant substance. The United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive have concluded that the use Cyanoacrylate is safe.
  • Pack contains: • Extra Applicator tips x 8  
  • EXPLOSIVE TNT CATNIP TOY! Made from high quality materials this banging toy will give your curious kitty hours of fun! Made with extra strong catnip this toy will drive your krazy kitty wild!
  • Product features: • Fun, Enjoyment and Exercise for your cat. • Provides hours of fun and stimulation, great for indoor cats. • Containing the finest Nepeta Cataria ( Canadian Cat Mint ) • Go on treat your feline friend! These little fun mice are packed with the finest Canadian Cat nip, so strong it will get even excite the most lethargic cat. Classic 3 pack furry fluffy mice 2" A great pack of 3 mice all in different colours your cat will love these as they contain catnip.